Culture and Values

Who we are

We are devoted to helping our clients succeed by specialising in successful communications throughout the Arab world.

To succeed globally today, it’s necessary to cultivate local understanding and relationships. We challenge conventional global practice and search for better ways to help our clients to win the trust and support of their publics. Our objective is to be known as an agency that is truly localised while delivering to the best international standards. Our team is multicultural, multilingual and dedicated to building good relationships in the region.

We are independent and believe that success in this century will come to those able to activate networks most intelligently. We therefore partner with some of the world’s leading agencies, with a freedom of choice delimited only by our determination to uphold our client’s best interests.

What we believe

Reality and perception cannot simply be separated. In today’s intensely connected world of information, the consequences are severe if you leave it to fate to decide your reputation.

In this connected world, success is built on trust and support. We want to help you succeed. With every goal you’ve achieved so far, there is a story to tell. We can show you how to make your story speak most directly and effectively to your audience, and tailor strategies for you to build excellent long-term relationships with your public.

We believe that the best PR is a conversation. We are passionate about helping our clients to bridge smoothly to meet and exceed the expectations of their publics.

How we succeed

Foremost among our values, we put our clients first and make every effort to understand their business. We will never let you down; we will seek to anticipate what will serve you best. As your trusted advisers, we will also not flinch from delivering difficult or unwelcome advice if it is really what will best help you achieve your goals.

Second, PR is a knowledge industry, and the only certainty in the future is that everything changes. To ensure we remain at the cutting edge, we value learning and continuous development. Our team participates in a rigorous learning programme that keeps us ahead of our competition, and we are a keen developer of local talent.

How we behave

We believe the only right way to behave is with honesty and integrity. We practice what we preach, understanding that reputations may take years to build and then can be squandered in seconds. We think long-term, and we will take the right decision even if it may mean losing out in the short term.

Finally, importantly: we make it happen. Determination and fortitude get results, and while we can flex when necessary and know when to adjust a strategy, we never give up on delivering what is needed and wanted for our clients.